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Armando Alfonso

Armando Alfonzo (Armando Javier Alfonzo Utrilla),

Armando currently resides in Vermont.At the time of the early development of ASOIXIL, Armando was the Executive Director, Board member and Treasurer of the Maya Educational Foundation, a public charity in South Woodstock, VT. During 2011 and 2012 he played a crucial role as a personal and academic mentor for Manuel Laynes Anay.
Armando is the previous Editor and Executive Director of Plumsock Mesoamerican Studies, a non-profit publishing organization in South Woodstock, VT. Through his experience with the non-profit sector, publishing and management of companies and organization, he has provided valuable coaching to Manuel Laynez Anay, the current Legal Representative and President of ASOIXIL
Currently Armando is the Executive Director of the Good Neighbor Health Clinic and the Red Logan Dental Clinic, which provide free medical and dental care to residents of the Upper Connecticut River Valley (States of VT & NH)
Armando continues to be an essential friend that supports the development of everyone involved in ASOIXIL.